Welcome to Guide To Italy

GuidetoItaly provides private Driver/guided tours, Limousine and Transfer services throughout Italy.

Driver/guided tours of Italy are tailored exactly to your specifications.

Requested services are personalized for V .I .P .s, business professionals, singles and families.
The high quality of the services provided assure professionalism and knowledgeable information of the culture, history and traditions of Italy.

Our services cover all of Italy, highlighting Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the classical cities of Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice.

Guidetoitaly pride is to keep our company small, most of our groups are between 2 and 8 people except for occasional family groups that are slightly larger.

This allows us to have a more intimate and personal experience within our group, and the impact to the environment, cities and sights we are visiting is more gentle.

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Wine and olive oil tasting
Wine and olive oil personalized tours