> How do we meet at the:

You will be met at the airport exit upon your arrival, which it can be Terminal C or B, depending from your departure city and flight. You will identify our driver/Guide holding a sign with your name on it. Normally it takes about 40 minutes from the time of your landing to get to the public lounge for your luggage. If you see that it will take longer, for example, your luggage is lost or simply takes it a long time to come out, please call me at my cell number 347 6035960.

Train Station:
Arriving at the station as you come down from the train, right on the platform where the train pulls in, you will see our Driver/guide holding a sign with your name on it.

You will find your vehicle and our Driver/guide on the pier where your ship docks at the time you set, holding a sign with your name on it.

> Can our Driver/guide service assist you in other Cruise/ports besides Civitavecchia?

Yes, our service of Drive/guide can assist you in the ports of Civitavecchia, Naples and Livorno.

> Are your prices per person?

No, they are per vehicle.

> Can we buy tickets for the Vatican Museums or for the Coliseum in advance?

No, but I can get you in to both places quickly and without standing in line.

> How do we finalize our booking?

By mail confirmation.

> Do your prices include taxes?


> How much should we tip?

In Italy tips are not compulsory, so its up to you 5%-10%-20% ect.

> Can I be your Driver/guide in the Vatican city/ Rome & Surroundings and the different regions, such as Tuscany, Umbria and ect ect?

Yes our service of Driver/guide cover all of Italy. (Please read about Driver/guide)

> Can you guide at the Uffizzi Gallery or Pompei ect?

No they have a Local Guide. (Please read about Local/guide)

> About touring Italy with a Driver/guide:

What is a Driver/guide:

Driver-guides are fully qualified guides and tour specialists, they are selected for their knowledge of history, sense of humour and considerate attitude. You get to sit back and relax and let us handle all of your vacation tour needs. It is very informal and personal, and you will leave with a abundant amount of knowledge about our cities, sights and history. You are in the hands of a fully insured professional.
However, in many European cities, a Driver/guide may not be allowed to guide tours through major churches and museum where such explanations are restricted to Local/Guides. ( Please see next).

What is a City/Local Guide:

City/Local Guides are those who are specialized and licensed to guide in one specific city or limited area. Local culture, history and traditions are so different from area to area, even from city to city, that no single guide can possibly become highly knowledgeable about a whole country or region. Therefore many local governments, especially in Europe, have chosen to assure the integrity of the local culture by licensing only those guides who have had a formal education and have proved to be knowledgeable and qualified to represent their area or city. Tours conducted by a Local/guide are intense and detailed.