Terms and condictions

Tour of Rome and sorrounding area
The cost includes the vehicle, limo-service, an English speaking guide, Insurance, tolls, fuel, parking and 10 % of tax.

Excursions of one or more days outside Rome
The cost includes the vehicle, limo-service, an English speaking guide, Insurance, tolls, fuel, parking, distance in km to cover, 10% of tax.

The cost does not include:
Tickets for Museum or Monuments, Archaeological sites, private local- guide qualified only for the detailed Area or Museum(if requested), tips, gratuities, client´s meals, Hotel accommodation in first or second category, boat or hydrofoil to and from the Isle of Capri or other destination, 3 % of Credit Card Commissions, only if payment is made by credit card.

The prices quoted for the tours or the excursions are on the basis of the cost of organizing the tour, the vehicle, the distance or kilometre to cover, tax, limo-service, the guide, tolls, fuel, Insurance, board and lodging, the rates quoted are expressed in Euro.

E-mail reservation will guarantee a 7 day confirmation option, in order to guarantee your reservation please prepay a deposit of 20% to our company, you are kindly requested to make your reservation seven days in advance. Please allow 3 to 5 days or more.. for a confirmation mail reply.

Cancellations charges
Booking may be cancelled with no penalty if done one week or more prior to the scheduled date: Cancellations made 24 hours in advance of the booking will be charged a 50% penalty, Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded and will be fully charged.

We reserve the right to modify time-tables and itineraries for circumstances beyond our control and without notice to cancel the tours with no further obligation than refunding the amount paid. We are not responsible for partial closings or strikes of museums or archaeological sites, for delays, irregularities or damages caused by a third-party or circumstances beyond our control. Furthermore we are not responsible for possible price changes, in particular entrance fees and for variations in opening and closing times days for museums and monuments. We therefore reserve the right to modify the itineraries and prices of all excursions or tours.

General informations
During some religious holidays or private ceremonies by the Pope, it is not possible to visit the Sistine Chapel or the inside of St. Peter´s Basilica. To visit a Basilica, a Church or the Vatican Museum it is kindly requested that ladies and gentleman dress in a manner suitable for entry in a sacred Place (no shorts, no miniskirts, no sleeveless dresses or shirts). Where a local guide is requested, is necessary to make an advance booking.

Traffic Rules
In order to maintain the great and unique historical heritage of the city, some places have been restricted to traffic, therefore, limo- service cars have free access and can park only where permitted by traffic rules.